Controlled atmosphere for fruits and vegetables storages

The intensity of respiration of products is greatly influenced by the content of the gases in the atmosphere. The ratio of the ambient air amount compared to the amount of the fruit is about 70% air and 30% fruit. By controlling the air in storage spaces with an installation capable of supplying or taking away gases from the store the possibility for controlled ripening of the products as needed has been created.

Controlled atmosphere technology maintains and manages CO2, O2 and N2 levels in the most appropriate values for long-term storage of fruits and vegetables. The O2 and CO2 levels are dependent on the type or variety of the stored product. Desired values of the percentage of each gas in the atmosphere are achieved by the use of equipment for carbon dioxide absorption - Scrubber and equipment for the production of nitrogen - PSA nitrogen generator.

For long-term storage of fruit and vegetables it is recommended to split the storage area into separate chambers in order to separately store different types and varieties of fruits with different ripening.

Our supply program includes complete ULO system with all the components belonging to it. All accessories have been developed based on experience and are designed for long-life trouble-free operation.