Doors for cooling boxes

Based on customer requirements we supply doors for cooling and freezing boxes and gas-tight doors for storages with ULO atmosphere.

Door opening control may be manual or motor driven with the possibility of horizontal or vertical slide. Door production is custom; the door clearance is not limited by any standard. Gas-tight doors for the storages with controlled atmosphere rightfully deserve the greatest attention.

Gas-tight doors for storages with controlled atmosphere

Gas-tight doors of the Dutch company SALCO are specially developed under the highest standards CA-/ ULO. A perfect seal is provided by a special seal, which may be pumped up. The sealing profile, thanks to air pressure and flexibility, adapts to any unevenness in walls and floors. Even in the deformations of the walls which occur because of temperature variations, a perfect seal remains preserved.

A good option for inspection is the use of indication of measured pressure in the door seals. In addition, it is often necessary to look into spaces with low levels of oxygen or take samples. For this purpose the company SALCO has developed gas-tight windows that may be built into the gas-tight doors or into the walls of the cold storage. Obviously, these windows are equipped with the same great features as well as the gas-tight SALCO doors.