Ionization in fruits and vegetables storages

With pollution of the atmosphere caused by industrial production and the use of increasing amounts of electronic equipment, the natural equilibrium of the electro-particle-climate is significantly disturbed. In the storage area imbalance of electrons in the air is particularly notable and the concentration of light air ions is close to zero. The absence of these ions in the cold storages is one of the essential factors making up the so-called unhealthy space syndrome. Untreated air in the storage spaces can give rise to pathogens (viruses, bacteria, fungi) circulating in the storage spaces of fruits and vegetables.

Such air may be cleaned, regenerated and disinfected using ionization. A collateral effect of air ionization is the formation of ozone. At low levels, ozone (O3) has the characteristic smell of "fresh air" and occurs in the nature. Ozone has disinfecting and deodorizing effects. These are used in killing microorganisms, fungi, spores and unpleasant odors. This principle works on the basis of removing the causes of mentioned phenomena and not on their overlaying.

We are able to deliver the ionization technology to both cooled and uncooled warehouses or to any other premises. The technology is also manufactured in a portable design, and also with installation into air ducts of already existing premises. All types of equipment contain an ozone safety sensor, a control unit either embedded or even in a remote version.