Insulation panels for air-conditioned storages

Cooling boxes are assembled from self-supporting insulated panels (wall and ceiling), based on polyurethane or high quality ROCKWOOL® mineral wool. The panels are manufactured in thicknesses of 40-200 mm depending on the use. The panels' surface consists of painted plates with thickness of 0.55 mm. The panels are coated from both sides with a protective PVC plastic foil to avoid their damage. Insulation panels are joined with double tongue and groove ensuring perfect joining together without the possibility of the creation of thermal bridges.

Frames of boxes are firmly riveted using internal and external L-profiles. All joints are sealed with silicone sealant. With ULO boxes the joining and sealing technology is more complex in nature.

Advantages of insulation panels

  • design prevents leakage of heat and ensures excellent thermal and sound insulation
  • rigid and lightweight structure
  • single element components significantly reduce installation time
  • long life - the first maintenance is required after more than 25 years of operation
  • medically safe material meeting all hygiene standards for food storages
  • high fire resistance
  • a comprehensive set of auxiliary elements
  • possibility of flexible changes in the future
  • aesthetic impression